2.9.11 - "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Bu...

Anchorman 2’s Ron Burgundy character (aka Will Ferrell) has been generating a ton of publicity in advance of its imminent release. The latest is a trailer in which Ferrell as Ron Burgundy targets piracy, asking,  “Is this film piracy, for that shimmering pretender to television’s crown?” It turns out that Burgundy had been under the misunderstanding (as usual) that the spot was about  “the best way to get a solid serving of gentlemen’s relish at a reasonable rate.”

The message, ultimately, is clear: “Piracy is not cool.” The message should strike a chord, particularly with young men, who are a strong demographic for Ferrell, Ron Burgundy and Anchorman 2. It’s much like the equivalent of your parents telling you something (not cool) versus the same message coming from a peer or better yet an idol. The Ron Burgundy trailer is the latest in a series of “Moments Worth Paying For”  trailers sponsored by the MPAA. It would be great to see this Ron Burgundy message go viral.



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