A quick look at the majority of Apple‘s iOS4’s privacy implications [PC World]

But beyond that, the EFF warns that Apple’s latest patent application is basically a way for Apple to spy on iPhone users. Technically, I believe the patent is for technology that will allow Apple to detect whether an iPhone has been jailbroken (and “punish” its user), but since the technology would allow Apple to record a user’s voice, take a user’s picture using the iPhone’s camera or apparently even detect a user’s heartbeat (why that would help them identify jailbroken users is far beyond me), it could obviously have this effect [EFF Deeplinks Blog]

“5 Tips to ‘Secure’ Your Foursquare Check-ins” [CIO]

A refresher on how retailers/supermarkets, etc. gather consumer purchasing data from loyalty card programs and how manufacturers use that data [News OK]

In July 2009 (note: BEFORE Facebook‘s US privacy fiasco), Canada’s Privacy Czar told Facebook it needed to bring its privacy settings in line with Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. Now that the clock has run, the Czar is set to determine whether the improvements Facebook has made over the last year has effectively done so… [Montreal Gazette]

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