Well, while Israel wonders about the privacy implications of Google Street View (which we mentioned it was doing the other day), Switzerland’s court is actually about to decide whether or not Google broke Swiss law with its Street View wi-fi sniffing incident from last year… [WSJ]

But that’s not the only hot water Google has found itself in recently. Apparently it also recently held a contest for kids called “Doodle 4 Google” that required those kids to submit their social security numbers in order to enter. It was the fourth annual iteration of the contest, but apparently only the first time Google ever asked for social security numbers… [NY Mag]

Facebook and the government haven’t had exactly the smoothest relationship over the last year or so, and recently, the FTC had asked Facebook to provide clarity on its privacy practices. And as of yesterday the FTC got an answer… [Huffington Post]

Elsewhere in FTC land, in a move that should surprise no one, a group of advertisers and marketers has asked the FTC to allow them to regulate themselves and scrap its privacy proposal, which infamously includes the “Do Not Track” concept… [Nextgov]

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