At this point, every web, mobile or social service ought to be thinking about privacy and security long and hard given the current climate. And that apparently includes Skype, which privacy watchdog organization, Privacy International, claims is exposing users’ privacy due to a couple of security issues that make it easy to impersonate a Skype user… [TG Daily]

The other day we highlighted how the online marketplace Etsy made an unfortunate mistake, exposing certain sensitive information about users to the public at large. Well, if you’re an Etsy user who wants to hide that “sensitive information,” here are your step-by-step instructions… [Business Insider]

Last week, we also mentioned how the EU has proposed a new privacy regulation that should take effect later in the year that will require all online entities that are accessible by EU users to explicitly obtain users’ permission to be tracked, among other things…and in case there was any confusion, the regulation will apply even to sites/services based outside of the EU that have users in the EU… [WSJ]

And, of course, that includes Facebook, where EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding hinted that EU users should have a “right to be forgotten,” or essentially the right to control what appears on Facebook about/involving them… []

Finally, we mentioned on Monday that Microsoft had finally released its latest version of Internet Explorer – IE9 – which brought with it improved privacy controls and the ability to opt out of 3rd party ad tracking. Well, apparently the browser’s new version was downloaded 2.35 million times in just 24 hours… [Mashable]