Perhaps you read the article we mentioned the other day about how mobile providers have a serious amount of geolocation data about their customers. Well, you’re not alone, as it seems US Representatives Edward Markey and Joe Barton did too, and it had such an impact on them that they ended up sending letters to the four top wireless providers cautioning them that any commercial use of customer location data would be illegal… [AdWeek]

Meanwhile, elsewhere in government and privacy, apparently our government is looking to reach an agreement with the EU on how much/best to share information on criminal/terrorist suspects… [PC World]

Well, it’s been quite a while since we’ve mentioned Google Buzz – almost a year, I think. Nevertheless, Google apparently just settled its privacy dispute with the FTC over the product’s launch. According to the Commission, the settlement “bars Google from misrepresenting how it handles information, obliges the company to follow policies that protect consumer data in new products and requires periodic reviews to ensure the policies are followed,” and will be in place for the next 20 years… [Bloomberg]

But outside of that, Google is apparently also developing a new mobile product aptly called “Faces” that would recognize a person’s face (and give you their personal information) when you snap a picture of that person’s face with your phone’s camera, which has some pretty obvious privacy implications… [CNN]