Probably the biggest privacy news today is that a federal court preliminarily approved a settlement in the Google Buzz class action suit. The settlement doesn’t reward actual Buzz users, of course, but rather would provide $8.5 million to organizations that focus on online privacy education [Press Release]

And just when it thought it was out of the woods in the UK, the country yesterday ruled that Google Street View did in act violate the UK’s Data Protection Act…so much for dropping the investigation… []

This doesn’t really have anything to do with privacy directly, but here’s a preview of Google Street View in Germany, the efforts toward which began on Monday [Google LatLong Blog]

And as or Germans and privacy – the country just rolled out new “e-ID cards,” which store a citizen’s date and place of birth as well as address and photograph, and have many concerned about data theft [Reuters]

Honestly, I’m just including this link because it claims that Firesheep – the Firefox add-on we’ve mentioned like every other day since last Monday – has been downloaded 542,000 times in a little over a week… [NetworkWorld]

Finally, if you want to remove any geotagging associated with your photos on Google’s Picasa photo service, here’s how… [NY Times]

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