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It has been an eventful year for copyright protection, as this excellent Copyright Alliance review of 2013 explains.

In the same period that the IIPA identified the value of copyright to the U.S. economy at $1 trillion, a study by NBCU and Net Names demonstrated that rising piracy levels online continue to threaten the creative industries and intellectual property.

Technology and Innovation Partners in the Fight for Copyright

In the video below Sandra Aistars of the Copyright Alliance offered  a mid-year update on the growing intersection of technology companies working alongside copyright advocates to drive the best blend of innovation, one that moves the creative industries forward while also ensuring that they are compensated for efforts that break the mold.


As we close out one year and look ahead to the challenges and opportunities of 2014, it is clear that the fight for copyright protection is as important as ever.

Continuing to make progress in delivering legal routes to content when and where consumers want it remains a key focus, while the will to remove those platforms and individuals that seek only to illegally leech from a lucrative copyright economy must not waver.

Happy New Year and we look forward to bringing you the very best in privacy, security and copyright protection coverage throughout 2014! You can also follow us on Twitter for all the breaking news and our latest posts.

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